Data Protection

The website has taken appropriate technical and organisational measures and procedures (e.g. pseudonymisation) to the best of its knowledge and belief so that the processing meets the requirements of the GDPR and the rights of data subjects are protected.

  • The website ensures that only such personal data is processed whose processing is necessary for the respective specific processing purpose.
  • The website’s web servers are hosted in Germany.
  • The web server logs for this website have been deactivated, they no longer record IP addresses.
  • This website does not collect personal data from users = readers, the comment function is deactivated.
  • This website does not use social buttons that store anything with an IP address or other personal information. The social buttons used have been made data protection compliant by technical measures.
  • This website does not use cookies. If you should notice that this side sets cookies with you, an error has occurred – in this case please inform us with screenshots.
  • The website does not process any data that represents a risk for the rights and freedom of the persons affected by the data storage. Processing only takes place occasionally (only: if a reader uses the comment function, which should be deactivated), there are no regular newsletters or anything similar. Processing does not include sensitive data or data on criminal prosecution. Therefore, this website does not maintain a processing directory.

If you notice any data protection problems, please inform us immediately. It is our express intention to not infringe any rights. If any rights are violated here, please write to the operator immediately by letter post (address in the imprint). Violations reported in this way are dealt with in a fair time frame. Please make use of this option before issuing a warning!