How we work

Peter 'nagu' NaguschewskiHave we mentioned before that we are a bunch of Old School partisans?

Although we know that modern film industry sometimes ticks strangely, we strongly believe in doing whatever we do properly. So we wouldn’t say “great” if it isn’t great. We are honest guys who’ve been taught their profession in those glorious days when people always gave the very best.

Please see here our ultimate list of how to do an outstanding film production. And as we are open to your opinion don’t hesitate to add a point if you find it missing.

  • You don’t need a big staff. Well trained people (and these are the only ones we employ) can achieve more, so don’t burden you with 10 sub directors when you only need one who can run the show.
  • You do need the right equipment. Don’t let someone talk you into the latest gadget, but also don’t try to save costs on the wrong end.
  • You need to invest a reasonable budget. Cheap isn’t chic and will send the motivation of your crew to the depths in a wink. It won’t help with achieving a masterpiece either.


  • You don’t have to waste your money. Proper planning is a well-known secret to save costs. Working with professionals like us saves even more. Because we keep an eye on your budget as we are loyal to our clients and do respect you personally.
  • Don’t bring in the dancing girls. Yes, we also love to party hard but never do so during an unfinished job. That doesn’t mean you have to live on bread and water when working with us. Peter “nagu” Naguschewski is a great cook himself and loves to care for the troops during a shooting.
  • When in Rome do as the Romans do. You need to behave with respect. Especially when working on a foreign location it is our golden rule to respect the locals, their morals and customs and of course the environment. Our excellent reputation makes sure that we can always return. We would never ever leave scorched earth, not even for you and your fat budget.
  • Less is more. Believe it or not, but especially when you are struggling with a tight budget don’t overdo things by cramming the whole shebang into your production. We will gladly demonstrate how nice even the simplest solution works out when done properly.


  • Ask. It is not disgraceful to admit ignorance. As we have long years of experience in every tiny aspect of our business please consult us whenever you need good advice.
  • One captain. Having done so many film productions we know one thing for sure: Too many cooks are likely to spoil the soup. As we are well accustomed with wearing the responsibility hat just trust us in managing your project.We want to make it happen.