Hunting out the perfect location can get real tiresome. Even with the whole world at your fingertips (yeah, we’ve been told, too, that it’s all on the internet) there are times when you simply are stuck.

Whether the red-tape stuff causes problems (again) or the chosen location suddenly is mega-hot or (God beware) the competitor of your client has already shot his current commercial there.

Well, we wouldn’t complain, for this is the very moment we frequently enter the scene. Film-Service Munich is one of the most experienced, most creative and most cross-linked film production services in Europe when it comes to find the right location.

A former hotspot. Shot to death.

We have tons and tons and tons of secret spots on file. We are proud to always come up with some fresh, individual and exceptionally not “shot to death” places for the requirements of our clients.

Also we do have the right contacts on the spot. We enjoy longstanding and excellent relationships with the locals. As we treat people and their customs, their environment and nature in general with respect and would not wantonly destroy or disturb we have a very good reputation. We can always return. We hear all the secret tips from first hand. We are invited to see things first and allowed to film places where others might fail to get an o.k.

Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland are quasi our home turf, but we’ve been to many other countries, too. So if you’re thinking about doing a shooting for let’s say in Turkey it won’t hurt if you call us first.

Of course you won’t find our location secrets on our website. As this is film business we’re sure, you understand. Please contact us to learn more. We’ll gladly provide you with pictures, too.

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